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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Ready to Scale Up from Single-Family to Multi-Family Rentals?

Apartment Building in SeattleScaling up from investing in single-family to multi-family rental Seattle properties can help increase and expand an investment portfolio and easily open up new financial opportunities. There can be risks and challenges tied to multi-family rentals that are beneficial to learn about first. Obtaining a multi-family property is generally a more intense activity than acquiring single-family rentals, apart from it being more expensive upfront. At the same time, by taking in the fundamental principles of multi-family investing, it is possible to make the change to your new investment strategy a successfully productive one.

Choose a Property Type

Without a doubt, the first thing to know about multi-family rental properties is the two basic classifications. Multi-family buildings with four or fewer units are described as residential properties, while a property with more than four units is naturally viewed as commercial. In plenty of ways, the size of the multi-family property you decide to acquire will naturally determine how you search for, assess, and price it. Multi-family properties with four or fewer units are oftentimes financed with residential mortgages, very much the same way as single-family properties.

Be that as it may, commercial property is purchased with commercial debt and priced based on a value formula, not comparable properties. Getting a commercial property lends quite a risk and challenge for anyone who hasn’t gone through the process before, so that is exactly why many rental property owners, for starters, choose smaller multi-family properties.

More Units = More Preparation

Even if you decide to focus on a multi-family property with four or fewer units, more preparation will be needed than buying single-family rentals. Take one example, location is ever a relevant and major part of any gainful rental. Yet even more so, for multi-family properties, location can be more than significant, specifically the property’s proximity to public transit or other amenities. It’s furthermore important to ardently contemplate and investigate the area’s cost of living, crime rate, and average income level.

Even as looking up numbers online can be appropriate, they don’t, in any event, tell the whole story. Especially applicable in areas that have experienced recent changes (either positive or negative). With your other research, try to drive around the neighborhood and stop by the local police department to pick up more information regarding the area.

Prepare Your Finances

Before you go on with your property search, it’s very important to review lenders and get your finances in order. Based on what type of property you endeavor to have ownership of, go to a lender with a reputation for helping investors purchase that particular property type. You will, in addition, need to prepare and bring documents supporting your creditworthiness, for example, income and expense statements from your current rental properties. There may likewise be documents or information required to qualify for a loan on a multi-family property that you wouldn’t prepare for a single-family property, so be ready to supply additional documents when required.

Hire the Right People

In most cases, easily and productively scaling up to multi-family properties is hugely dependent on having the right and ideal professionals on your team. For instance, you’ll need to single out and work with a real estate agent with the right knowledge and experience. Preferably, work with one specializing in the type of multi-family property you would like to invest in. You may also want to gain the local expertise of a professional Seattle property management company like Real Property Management Eclipse. As a local market expert, we endow significant value to the purchase process and throughout the duration of your property ownership.


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